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  • This research area brings together studies of the cultures and semiotics within various spaces and territories.; Culture is both a phenomenon within the system-idea of the capitalist economy as well as a formative element in the expression of identities. Language represents the many readings, interpretations, and representations of space, including signs, symbols, images, cartographies, etc.. This research also investigates cultural processes that permeate globalization and a generalized world culture, including the territorialization and deterritorialization of things, people, and ideas, the proliferation of simulacra, the virtuality of reality, and the constitution of new ways of life to the detriment of others

  • This research area focuses on patterns of the natural environment and transformations on the earth's surface, whether manmade or not. It also investigates the connection between natural events and territorial organization through the analysis of dynamic environmental systems and their relationship to geoscientific knowledge.

  • The analysis of urban and regional systems, cultures, and development. This research focuses on the processes and outcomes of urbanization, city growth, as well as the economic, sociocultural, population, and political dynamics within various regions. This analysis also includes the impact of these processes on population characteristics, conflicts, fragmentation and stratification, the environment, and the ways of life of people within a region. Urban studies are central to this line.

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The Postgraduate Program in Geography is based at the Center for Humanities and Natural Sciences at the Federal University of Espírito Santo. The master’s and doctoral degrees in Geography were launched in 2008 and 2015, respectively.
The program aims to prepare graduates to work in areas within geography such as research and higher education in the public and private sectors. The program also prides itself on the scholarship and educational outreach of its research groups, which include activities and events for undergraduate and postgraduate students from this university and also from outsiders who attend the regional, national, and international seminars and conferences they host on campus.

The program is based in Vitória-ES, offering the course of PhD in Geography since 2015 e the course of Master’s degree in Geography since 2007 and has an academic qualification profile certified by CAPES, receiving 4 on its last evaluation.

The program already has 169 masters and 21 doctors and counts with 113 students regularly enrolled, being 57 in the masters and 56 in the doctorate.

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